Epaulettes Bradford Police Museum

We are pleased to announce that the very popular epaulette scheme is back and now open to ALL officers who have served in the West Yorkshire Police Area ( Not just Bradford as before ).

To clarify. Any police officer at any rank, PCSO, Special Constable past or present from WYP or any of the older now history City or Borough Forces including West Riding.

This is a unique opportunity to mark your service to West Yorkshire in the museum in the form of one of your shirt epaulettes or sliders which will be added to our present display of over 200 in the museum. If you no longer have an epaulette or wish to have one of these mounted for a lost loved one or friend we can also fabricate one for you. Your mounted epaulette also comes with a 12 months unlimited visits and standard tour museum pass card for the named officer ( or person arranging ), and also covers 2 children under 15 years.

If providing your own epaulette we ask for a donation to the museum of £20. We love to mount your original personal ones which can be whatever colour you wish as long as they are ex-service.

If you wish us to fabricate an epaulette we can oblige but as there is a cost to making them we request a £30 donation. We can include ranks or just simple collar numbers.

As before we only have limited space so please don’t delay. What better and more unique Christmas present could you buy for yourself or a loved one at a very reasonable price, while helping to support our charity status museum?

To simply start the process please send an email to epaulettes@bradfordpolicemuseum.com.

If you need further information you can Facebook Message or Whats app David Hardcastle (ex PC2147 ).